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SEGA Megadrive 2 - Limited Edition

SEGA Megadrive 2 - Limited Edition

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Get Back to Retro gaming

-1000 Games included with the console-

The Mega Drive 2 is the state-of-the-art 16 bit game console.It has been designed to bring you the best in game play action

Classic video game console

This game console is PAL System, if your TV system is NTSC only, it may not work, we did not have chance to test under NTSC system.

Display: 320x240 (PAL) pixels
Compatible for PAL systems
Use MEGA DRIVE 2 AC Adapter only

Package included:

Item details:

Cartridge slot allows you to play back your favourite old time Sega cartridges (some that require special chipset are not supported)
Comes with Micro SD card slot that allows you to play more games. Free micro SD card.
Comes with built in games in Micro-SD card
Package includes one game console, power adapter, white and yellow AV cable, two wired controllers, one SD card

This system is multi-system and supports both NTSC and PAL TV. Please ensure that your TV sets have the white/yellow audio video TV ports.

Third party Sega Genesis Mega Drive
Limited Edition