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HD Gaming Console

HD Gaming Console

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Roll back your youth and enthrall yourself in over 500 of the best classic games that the NES has ever seen in HD quality with this RETRO HD console is a great way to have fun as a gamer and with the whole family the range of games provided suits all. Also it's a great cost cutter unlike other expensive consoles you won't have to purchase other games with the amount that's included.


Product colour: grey white
Product Type: 600 games in 1 Home Entertainment Game System
Material: ABS environmental protection materials
Product use: for home HD TV(Must support HDMI interface)

Package includes:

Game consoles x1;
Game Joystick(cable approx 2meters/6.6feet) x2;
HDMI Cable(approx 5feet) x1;
Power Adapter x1;
Manual x1;
Packaged in Retail Color box x1

Product return policy:

Within 30 days of receipt of the goods, if quality problems, Please provide pictures to us for replacement or return after-sales service, If it is personal use is not a quality problem caused by damage, not with the return


1. Enter AC 110-220V
2. Output DC 5V-150mA
3. TV signal: HDMI with audio output Tips:

1. Before connecting the game handle, be sure to turn off the power.
2. Do not put game consoles, Game handle, Power Adapter, etc. Placed in a humid or high-temperature environment.
(HDMI HD game console, built-in 600 classic games, does not support games card and saving progress)